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I’m. In. Awe. Of. Alps.


We were driving from Vienna to Salzburg today and the views were absolutely to-die-for. We stopped in the town of Hallstatt where we sang a short concert at this picturesque little church.
Everyone was completely awe-struck by the beauty of the Austrian alps, lakes, and cottages complete with green windowpanes and flowerpots.
The interesting thing is that most tourist destinations are never little towns like this one. They are often big cities so that people can marvel at old churches, architecture, and famous hotels and restaurants. But ironically, the sights that really take your breath away, are almost never man-made. They are almost always natural wonders that you’ve seen in photography books and national geographic your whole life and never really noticed, but now that you’re looking at it in person, it stops you dead in your tracks. It now brings new meaning to the phrase ‘the photos don’t do it justice’.



The word that everyone kept using to describe the view was ‘breathtaking’. As I heard that word more and more I thought, ‘where did that phrase come from, and why would a view take away your breath?’.

For me, these views were everything-taking: they took away thoughts, smells, sounds and worries. All I was left with, were tears.


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