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Why I love every annoying airport procedure


I was like a kid on Christmas morning today. I woke up, with no alarm, at exactly 4:30AM when my flight didn’t leave until 6:30PM that night. Before the crack of dawn I was absolutely erupting with anticipation for the day ahead, knowing that our 7-week adventure was about to begin.

I heard I would feel this way on the morning of my wedding, but all I felt was extreme anxiety from the surprising lack of control I felt. Ironically, I think for many people the reverse is true – this is how they feel when they travel.

I constantly hear about how much people detest packing, going through airport security, facing the dreaded customs officer, and most definitely the take-off. But to me, these slow, methodical, and impossible-to-avoid parts of travel are what make it feel familiar and comforting when the rest of it is filled with newness and change.

I’m not saying I am entirely zen when I travel, in fact I’ve been know to have dramatic meltdowns in the most stressful of times. But I do take great pleasure in the routines of kicking off a trip, perhaps for no better reason than the proximity of adventure.

I invite you to find that one aspect in the preparation of traveling that brings you some joy. Maybe it’s as simple as driving to the airport, or picking out your favourite chocolate bar to bring on the plane. Whatever it is, it’s always great to take a moment to appreciate the slowness and thoughtfulness that it takes to travel to another part of the world. It reminds us that in fact, the world isn’t as small as it seems.

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