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09: Tamara Thorpe Shares a Fresh Perpective on the Millennial Generation


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Tamara Thorpe is a Life Guide, Leadership Expert, and Organizational Development Consultant. She helps Millennials become the leaders they want to be by equipping them with leadership tools for life. She also loves to help new entrepreneurs create engaged and high performing teams, and sustainable learning organizations.

Tamara became a solopreneur in 2007, building on her 15 years of experience in international education and training. In 2006, she earned a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia and has been designing and delivering life changing programs for both young and seasoned professionals ever since.

Please welcome our next Millennial Mentor, Tamara Thorpe.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to use the perspectives of long-time friends and family to generate personal branding ideas
  • How to discover your personal ‘blind spots’ to strengthen your brand
  • 3 attributes that make the Millennial Generation unique
  • A fresh perspective on the perceived ‘entitlement’ that society and the media sometimes attach to the Millennial Generation
  • How mentorship can fit into your personal and professional life, and why it’s so important


“Millennials have been raised to be very ambitious – almost ostentatiously ambitious, which is what gives Millennials the confidence that people interpret as entitlement.” ~Tamara Thorpe

“If you don’t enter into a relationship with people with a sense of equity, then there will always be disparity in the relationship.” ~Tamara Thorpe

“Every generation raises their children in a certain to try to undo or prevent something from their generation’s upbringing.” ~Tamara Thorpe

Resources Discussed

What are some attributes that you see in the Millennial Generation? Where do you stand on this idea that Millennials carry around a sense of entitlement? Share your thoughts below :)


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