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86: The Camping Trip That Launched His Dream Career

Episode 86 - Ryan Roy

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Ryan Roy is an Entrepreneur, an Accountability Coach, and an amazing father to his young son Christian, and husband to his beautiful wife, Lisa. We’re lucky to have Ryan with us this week sharing his story about how he moved from flipping houses, to finding his true calling as an Accountability Coach. We’ll cover a few very important…

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68: Results-Based Pay, Podcasting, Meditation and the 80/20 Analysis

Episode 68 - Jason Bay

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Jason Bay is a Millennial Entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon. As the Founder of Gen Y Success he believes that consistent personal development and a well-rounded perspective are critical for success in today’s world. For the past 7 years, he’s been coaching and mentoring young adults with their businesses with College Worlds Painting. Please…

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40: Summer Study Session #2 – Defining ‘Consciousness’

Episode 40 Summer Study 2 Dave

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. In the second episode of our Summer Study, I chat through Chapter 2 of The Power of Awareness by Goddard. The title of the chapter is ‘Consciousness’. Goddard discusses the importance of increasing our understanding of what Consciousness is. Most importantly, he explains that it is the one and only ’cause-substance’ of…

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25: The 52-Week Challenge That Launched His Business

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He cut his teeth in the Direct Sales industry, training and managing over 200 independent sales consultants before the age of 24. After a brief stint in corporate marketing, he returned to his passion for professional development and team engagement with the founding of Actionable Books in 2008. Today, he is living…

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12: From Rocket Science to Personal Development Specialist and Entrepreneur

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Ryan Coelho was inches away from literally being a Rocket Scientist. He graduated with an Honours Degree in Aerospace Engineering, stepped out into the real world, and realized that wasn’t the industry he was passionate about. He become fascinated by the Personal Development industry, and quickly fell in love with it. Ryan…

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