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142: Summer Study is Back for ‘Season 2′

Subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio. Summer Study is back. I have just started work on a book that will be published in the fall. The working title is: ‘Do What Moves You: How to Create a Life of Travel, Contribution, and Freedom (in your 20s and 30s)’ The outline is finished, and now I am…

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138: Back to Basics – Understanding the Cashflow Quadrant

Episode 138 - Dave Anderson

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. It’s time to go back and cover some basics. Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant is one of the simpler concepts to understand, yet it’s it had more impact on my professional life than almost any other idea. I remember the first time I read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, and got the part about…

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25: The 52-Week Challenge That Launched His Business

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He cut his teeth in the Direct Sales industry, training and managing over 200 independent sales consultants before the age of 24. After a brief stint in corporate marketing, he returned to his passion for professional development and team engagement with the founding of Actionable Books in 2008. Today, he is living…

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01: PK Smith: Erasing the Third World Through Evolved Economy Leadership

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Leader, trainer and mentor. He has a MASSIVE vision to ‘Co-Create wealth in the First World, to erase the pain of the Third World.’ Author of ‘The Co-Creation Principles’ and ‘The Evolved Economy‘, he mentors and trains Evolved Economy Leaders all over the world. He and his wife Sandy are co-founders…

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