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How does a city make a first impression?


Prague just doesn’t do it for me, and I can’t really explain why. Part of me doesn’t want to admit that in fear of offending someone reading this, especially since everyone I know absolutely raves about it. My first time traveling here fell at the end of a very long trip, so I chalked up…

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I’m. In. Awe. Of. Alps.


We were driving from Vienna to Salzburg today and the views were absolutely to-die-for. We stopped in the town of Hallstatt where we sang a short concert at this picturesque little church. Everyone was completely awe-struck by the beauty of the Austrian alps, lakes, and cottages complete with green windowpanes and flowerpots. The interesting thing…

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Waiting makes the traveler’s heart grow fonder


I often wonder how much the simple act of anticipating a trip has on the amount of pleasure one experiences on the trip itself. I think about traveling constantly – anywhere from 1-25 times per day. For me, it’s safe to say that the planning, visualization, research, and general anticipation of a trip holds a…

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