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68: Results-Based Pay, Podcasting, Meditation and the 80/20 Analysis

Episode 68 - Jason Bay

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Jason Bay is a Millennial Entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon. As the Founder of Gen Y Success he believes that consistent personal development and a well-rounded perspective are critical for success in today’s world. For the past 7 years, he’s been coaching and mentoring young adults with their businesses with College Worlds Painting. Please…

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63: Sage-Like Guidance and Wisdom From A Millennial Destiny Coach

Shamsha episode graphic

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Our next Millennial Mentor, Shamsha Shamsy, is a Destiny Coach who believes that everyone was put here for a reason. In the past year alone, Shamsha has coached people from 18 different countries around the world, and helped them move toward discovering their true purpose in…

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37: Why You Should Embrace Your ‘Inner Spielberg’ And How To Create GREAT Online Video Content

Episode 37 Chris Savage

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Growing up, he was always the first of his friends to discover and adopt new technology. From the very first time he watched a DVD he vowed never to touch a VHS again. He fell in love with video as a teenager, and went on to study film at Brown University. Upon…

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36: The Hidden Powers of Reddit, Quora and Slideshare, and How You Can Use Them To Tell Your Story

Episode 36 Ross Simmonds

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He graduated from the University of St. Mary’s with a degree in Marketing and Human Resources, and landed a seemingly sweet job in the world of advertising. He worked on ad campaigns for many fortune 500 companies, designed and implemented social media strategies for CBC, and developed his natural ability to create…

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11: From Dorm Room ‘Wing Joint’ to Small Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Elan Marko loves to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them pursue their passion and grow their business. Though he was formally educated at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Elan’s entrepreneurial career began at much younger age. Since the age of 10 he has been starting businesses. Recently he…

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01: PK Smith: Erasing the Third World Through Evolved Economy Leadership

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Leader, trainer and mentor. He has a MASSIVE vision to ‘Co-Create wealth in the First World, to erase the pain of the Third World.’ Author of ‘The Co-Creation Principles’ and ‘The Evolved Economy‘, he mentors and trains Evolved Economy Leaders all over the world. He and his wife Sandy are co-founders…

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