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01: PK Smith: Erasing the Third World Through Evolved Economy Leadership


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Leader, trainer and mentor. He has a MASSIVE vision to ‘Co-Create wealth in the First World, to erase the pain of the Third World.’

Author of ‘The Co-Creation Principles’ and ‘The Evolved Economy‘, he mentors and trains Evolved Economy Leaders all over the world.

He and his wife Sandy are co-founders of ‘Impact Malawi‘, and today they serve 30 villages in Southern Africa. He’s a police chaplain and mentor to officers across North America.

Please welcome our first Millennial Mentor, PK Smith.

PK Smith

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

      • Why The Evolved Economy is the movement that all commerce is moving towards
      • How The Evolved Economy completely levels the playing field and is accessible to everyone
      • What to look for if you want to start your own Evolved Economy business
      • How PK’s organization, Impact Malawi, is eradicating the Third World, one village at a time
      • PK’s smartphone app idea (developers wanted!) that will transform the way we solve problems in the Third World


“A great idea is like a money magnet. When you have one, money will be attracted to accomplish.” ~PK Smith

“The Third World is completely superfluous, and the ideas already exist to erase it.” ~PK Smith

“Our expanded vision has to include eradicating things that are just unacceptable to our psyche.” ~PK Smith

“Don’t let old, grey people infect you with their pessimism. Embrace your belief that you can reinvent how the world does everything, because whether you like or not, someone is reinventing how we do everything. If we don’t pick your way, we might be picking the wrong way.” ~PK Smith

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