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67: How This Motivated Millennial Turned a Nightmare Career Into Entrepreneurial Success

Episode 67 - Hannah Becker


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Hannah Becker is a millennial, entrepreneur, and marketing professional that is passionate about rebuilding the American economy through small business.  Hannah currently serves as a marketing consultant for Red Letter Marketing & PR, and is involved in three small businesses.  Hannah is a contributor for YFS Magazine and The Rouse, and author of the book, The Motivated Millennial: An Entrepreneurial Guidebook for Generation Y. With a B.S. in Animal and Dairy Science from Mississippi State University, Becker graduates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Florida Tech University in 2014.

Selling everything from nursing home rooms to toilet paper, Becker’s “real world” education extends well beyond the textbook. Her ambitious tenacity as a member of the “screwed” generation inspired the creation of multiple businesses offering creative solutions, with industry experience including: agriculture, healthcare, retail, technology, service companies, and non-profits. Hannah believes the future of our economy lies in the hands of millennial entrepreneurs, and hopes that her unique career journey will encourage other 20-somethings to pursue their dreams of self-employment.
Pease help me welcome our next Millennial Mentor, Hannah Becker.
In This Episode, You Will Learn:
  • Why our economic future lies in the hands of Millennial Entrepreneurs
  • How to approach your first steps into entrepreneurship
  • The story behind Hannah’s journey to becoming a published author
  • How Hannah’s ‘dream career’ turned into her biggest nightmare at age 24, and how she turned it all around
  • A birds-eye view of the 3 different business models Hannah uses to customize her career
Resources Discussed

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    I think this is a great great idea and you should be proud of your cooniibutrtn. While we speed into the future, it is important to remember the difficulties individual women face and silliness especially in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. We should still lend each other support to ensure success. But why, oh why is this website designed like a tampon ad?

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