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04: Daniel Francavilla: From Freelancer to Business Owner

Daniel Francavilla

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio He’s the Creative Director of Now Creative Group, and the Founder of ACCESS. He has a degree in Graphic Design from OCAD University in Toronto, and is currently studying Digital Media and Communications at University of Toronto. Entrepreneur. Activist. Blogger. Please welcome our next Millennial Mentor, Daniel Francavilla. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How…

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83: An All-In-One Service To Help You Launch Your Brand Now

Episode 83 - Daniel Francavilla

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. If you’ve been thinking about launching your own business, today’s episode is for you. One of the most important elements in launching your platform is web design and branding. Daniel Francavilla and his team at Now Creative have create the PERFECT suite of tools, resources and services to help you get off the ground…

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82: The Many Benefits of Co-Working and Why You’ll Love It

Episode 82 - Daniel Francavilla

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. We’re back for the second day with Daniel Francavilla. Today we discuss the Co-Working movement. Daniel explains exactly what it is, and why everyone who works independently should consider it. In This Episode, You Will Learn: The difference between ‘Coffee-Shopping’ and ‘Co-Working’ How Co-Working can help you generate leads for your business, create new strategic partnerships, and…

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81: Everything You Need to Get Your ‘Legacy Project’ Off The Ground

Episode 81 - Daniel Francavilla

Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He’s an Entrepreneur and an Activist, and the Founder of a Youth-Lead Non Profit called ACCESS. He’s also the Founder of Now Creative Group, a blogger, a speaker, and an all-around awesome guy. This week’s Millennial Mentor is Daniel Francavilla. Today’s episode is all about give you the tools and resources you need to get YOUR Legacy…

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